What to expect with a full Interior Design package?

Our new Full Interior Design service: What you need to know

Juggling months of builders, drains, and never ending choices alongside work, family and well, just life, can be a headache. Some of us even dread or put off doing another project because we can’t face it! But what if we told you it didn’t have to be so daunting? We lighten the load, free up time, and save the headache of a full refurb with our newest interior design service.

What’s actually involved?

You might be thinking “well that all sounds great, but how do you actually help me?”. Great question – here’s a quick run down of how our full interior design service works:

To begin, we’ll set out the fundamentals of the project. This includes the different design aspects, such as consultation, furniture layout, plumbing, electrical and lighting layouts, mood boards, detailed design spec and more. We’ve worked with some great builders over the years so we can help with the selection of trades and putting together the full RFQ for the project.

Once the wheels are in motion, we’ll act as your representative for the entirety of your refurb. We will be crafting a strong relationship with the building team and providing regular site visits to make sure all parties are kept up to date (including yourself!). We have regular communication with the builders via phone and email ensuring everything is on track with the schedule of works.

As the final coat of paint dries, it’s time to bring it all together and get your property ready to rent! Since we’ve already procured all Ready to Rent items on your behalf, we’ll arrange for the delivery and installation of all items to get your space looking perfect for your tenants.

And just like that, it’s time to market your property! Once the property is ready, we’ll arrange a day (or two!) of staging and photography. These photoshoots result in around 60 photos per property focusing mainly on wide angle shots of each room alongside some close up portrait shots which are perfect for marketing and online/social media use.

What do others think? Let’s hear from someone else!

Introducing Russell! He is a long standing client (and friend) of ours and we are currently in the middle of designing his 3rd and 4th house after successfully completing his 2nd one. We asked him a few questions:

How would you sum up the new full interior design service? ”For me, the full design service is all about priorities. It has completely removed the small day-to-day decisions that you dare not leave to your builder and puts them in the hands of a professional.”

Why did you opt for the full interior design service? ”I can now focus my time on building my business and managing the larger aspects of a project.”

What value have you found from working with Katie and her team in this capacity? ”In terms of value, it is very comforting to know that your rooms are professionally laid out and every item is thoughtfully purchased to create the space you envisioned. As much as I may try; I am not a designer. Better leave it to the pros!!”

What would you say to others thinking about going for this service? ”It will save your bacon once the builders move out and it’s up to you to put the finishing touches on an expensive project – if you even know where to start!”

How to Get Started

This service is best suited to our clients within an hours drive (and hopefully further afield in the future!) of our base in Bicester, Oxfordshire. However we do offer a range of interior design and brand services to help property developers across the country. So, why not have a free consultation call with us and find out what would be the best fit for you?

Calls can be booked through our Calendly link below, we look forward to hearing from you!

🗓️ CALENDLY LINK https://calendly.com/hedgehog-studios/design-consultation

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